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We’re a trusted washroom services partner to facility managers, property agents, building owners and cleaning companies across the UK. We’re committed to delivering exceptionally high levels of service in an environmentally responsible way. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors.

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From large office blocks to busy airports and museums.


We partner with FM and cleaning companies to provide the complete service solution.


We work with hotels, restaurants, bars and theme parks.


From large sports stadiums to gyms and leisure centres.


We work with a large range of healthcare facilities including residential care homes.


We provide the ideal service solution for nurseries, schools and universities.


% service delivery in February




Kilos of hygiene waste sent to landfill

What we do

We’re specialists at servicing washrooms in busy facilities, offering an extensive range of services to ensure your washroom is always serviced to the highest standards.

Washroom services

Commercial washrooms are demanding environments. Our range of washroom services ensures your washroom is always serviced to the highest standards while delivering a safe and welcoming environment.

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Air care services

We understand it can be difficult to keep washrooms in high traffic buildings smelling fresh. Our range of air services creates a pleasant ambience and ensures you make the right first impression.

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Air purification services

Poor air quality can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria. Our innovative range of air purification services greatly improves air quality and creates an environment that is clean, comfortable and importantly, hygienic.

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Water dispensing services

Our extensive range of water dispensing services ensures you, your staff, customers and visitors have access to filtered, chilled and hot water.

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Medical and clinical waste services

The correct management of clinical waste is essential. Ensure your business is safe and compliant with our range of medical and clinical waste services.

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Floor mat services

Our range of commercial floor mats ensures you maintain clean and hygienic floors, prevents the risk of slips and trips and prolongs the life of your flooring.

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Our news

Discover what we’ve been up, our news and views on the world at large, and the latest industry insights from the Facilities Management and washroom services sectors.

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