Services Water Management

Integral display provides easy status monitoring.

Can offer sensored system to suit all business operating hours.

Reduces water consumption by eliminating unnecessary flushing of urinals.

Savings of over 80% are common.

Ensures compliance with water by-law ’83.

Sensaflush Water Management unit

  • Fully programmable wireless water management system
  • Can save up to 85% of your usual water usage
  • Differentiates between “active” and “idle”periods in the washroom and only flushes when motion is detected and a flush is needed
  • If detection does not occur within a 12 hour period, Sensaflush® automatically provides a sanitizing flush, meaning further water can be saved
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very cost effective

120mm(h) x 60mm(w) x 42mm(d)

Water Management unit

  • Regular, controlled flushing
  • The Water Management AutoFlush activates every 30 or 60 minutes, 12 or 24 hours a day