Driving sustainability targets with Bill’s

We firmly believe in changing the way our industry approaches sustainability and importantly, deals with its waste.  It’s a subject that’s close to our heart here at Simply Washrooms.

We love it when we work with companies that share our core values and that’s why we proud of our long-standing relationship with Bill’s Restaurants who like us, have put the environmental agenda firmly at its core.

All the feminine hygiene waste Simply Washrooms collects from Bill’s is processed at local energy from waste (EfW) plants.  The renewable energy generated is used to heat and power our homes, hospitals and businesses.  Any residual waste products from the EfW processes are used as aggregate in the construction industry.

Samantha Stocks, director at Simply Washrooms, comments: ‘We’re passionate about leading our industry in the fight against waste.  Alarmingly, hygiene waste generates more than 200,000 tonnes of waste every year and it’s simply not sustainable to keep sending it to landfill.

That’s why we’ve committed to never sending any of our hygiene waste to landfill and instead, process it at EfW plants which offer a viable and sustainable alternative to landfill.  It’s a promise we made early on in our environmental journey and one that’s very important to us.  It’s this commitment that enables us to support our customers achieve their environmental goals.”

Kat Emmett, sustainability manager at Bill’s Restaurants, comments: ‘Simply Washrooms has been managing our washroom services for several years and it’s great to be working with a company that shares our enthusiasm for sustainability.  We’re committed to running our business more efficiently and with the lowest environmental impact.  It’s great to know that all the feminine hygiene waste Simply Washrooms collects from our restaurants is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.’